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Toddler Unit


Located on the first floor of the nursery, the Rainbow Room is where our Toddlers (2-3 years) have all their fun! Our beautiful, spacious and exciting room is full of natural light and the children love to explore their shadows throughout the day!

We pride ourselves in our room and have worked hard to develop enchanting areas where the children can Investigate, Experiment, Imagine, Create, Pretend, Construct and be Curious! We are passionate about developing beautiful and thoughtful Provocations and Invitations to Play following our children's interests, or introducing concepts of the natural world, enticing them to be captivated and pilots in their play.

The Rainbow Room
Ratio 1:4

Children are welcome to transport resources to and from different areas and are supported to play and explore, overcome difficulties and develop their own ideas as they explore the room and time outdoors.

The Rainbow Room is often a time where a desire to be independent develops and we support each of our children in their own personal missions e.g. learning to climb the stairs safely, accessing their own drink, putting on their own shoes and socks, finding their own belongings, drinking from an open cup, developing cutlery skills and toileting. The bathroom is located just a short walk through the pre-school room and has a number of small toilets, potties, nappy change area and child height sinks. We also have our own hand-wash station in the Rainbow room to enable easy hand-washing before/after eating, after hygiene routines and messy activities!

Not surprisingly, all this play is hard work and after lunch the Toddlers are invited for a sleep in our cosy area, just off the main play room. Sleep mats, pillow cases and blankets are provided and sensory relaxation music played. Children are invited to bring in their sleep comforters to encourage a familiar and safe re-charge, before the afternoon commences!