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Baby Unit

Our wonderful Baby Unit (0-2 years) is located on the ground floor of the nursery, ensuring safe and practical access if little ones arrive asleep in car seats or prams. We are fortunate to have two delightful rooms, The Butterfly Room for our younger babies and The Ladybird Room for our more mobile under 2s. The two rooms work closely together and enjoy sharing time together such as meal times, sleep space and the Baby Garden.

Attached to the Butterfly Room is the Baby Kitchen, this self contained unit enables snack and meal times to be served and cleared up after, independent of the main play rooms. It also provides a clean, sterile space for bottles to be prepared, hand washing facilities and laundry to be washed.

The Baby Kitchen leads directly onto the Baby Garden, developed in 2014 to enable our babies free access to the outdoors to accommodate all of their individual routines. The Baby Garden prides itself in its green safety surface with happy mini-beasts, natural planters and a range of resources to support the many emerging schemas and skills in our babies. 

Our Butterfly Room is a large, tranquil room which has recently been refurbished with a brand new wood effect floor ensuring the highest level of cleanliness at all times, complimented by lots of soft furnishings, cushions, blankets and rugs to create that cosy home-from-home feel.

This beautiful space boasts a new fantastic climb and slide and crawl in sandpit, supporting our little ones in developing their physical skills and independence in accessing and becoming fully emerged in their play. Among our new equipment and open ended natural resources, cosy dens and twinkly lights are nestled, providing safe and relaxing spaces where our little ones can unwind.

The Butterfly Room also homes our nappy change area and designated baby sleep area, complete with cots, sleep pods, sleep mats, pushchairs and swings to accommodate the unique sleep routines of each child. This area is separated from the main space by a half height wall, allowing constant supervision while promoting a positive peaceful sleep. 

The Butterfly Room

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The Ladybird Room
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The Ladybird Room is our smaller, yet equally charming room for our older babies, who enjoy being up on their feet and toddling around, selecting their own resources and taking an active role in their play.

As a stepping stone to the Toddler Room, the Ladybird Room offers continuous provision for imaginative play in the home corner, creative activities, playdough, construction, loose parts, small world as well as sailing away in the magical nautical inspired sandpit!

The Ladybird Room also opens up onto the main nursery garden, giving the children the opportunity for indoors/outdoors free flow at various points of the day.


Baby Unit Routines

The routines of our babies are each unique and recognised as being a key part of your child’s happiness and vital to a smooth transition between home and nursery. Whether it be very strict, or a very relaxed routine, we will discuss this with you during your child’s ‘Settling In’ visits and use their completed ‘All About Me’ to gain a full understanding, so that we can strive to mirror their home routine while at nursery.