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In September 2015 we made the big decision, to move with the times and update our paper hard copy Learning Journals to ‘Tapestry” – an innovative, safe, online, environmentally friendly, instant 2-way communication between parent/carer and practitioners. 

Our new Online Journals allow daily feedback, photos, videos, 'wow moments', termly Focus Child observations and development trackers to be shared with each child’s parents/carers through a secure, individual online login system. In addition, we use this platform to share any nursery updates and news with all our families. Each time your child’s Key Person adds something to their journal, you will receive an instant/daily email of notification and by logging in to your child’s secure profile, you will be able to view all the fun your child has been having at nursery and links to how it is supporting their learning and development.

With your secure login details, Tapestry can be accessed from any laptop and desktop computer and on any tablet or smartphone, by downloading the Tapestry App, making your child’s nursery life instantly accessible even when at work or at home. Many of our parents have commented how they love looking at the photos/videos with their child and asking them about what they were doing and who they were playing with, while also getting ideas of activities they could do at home!

The beauty of Tapestry (and what our practitioners love about it!) is the parent/carer interaction side of it. Parents are able ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on any of their child’s nursery observations, giving confirmation of viewing it and often providing lots of insights from home! Furthermore, parents/carers can easily upload their own photos/videos of new skills, vocabulary, interesting days out, exciting adventures, birthday celebrations, holidays and any other significant moments in their child’s lives to share with nursery.

These parent/carer uploads are fantastic contributions to your child’s journal and also brilliant input for their Key Person, helping them create a more holistic view of your child’s abilities, skills and current interests and using this information they can plan tailored, provocations/invitations to play set ups at nursery to support them in their next steps in development.

At the end of your child’s time at Station House, the online journals will be converted into a PDF document, for you to download and save/print as you wish.

[Please note, in order to uphold our Safeguarding and Confidentiality policies, upon registration for Tapestry you will be asked to sign a contract stating that any photos/videos are to be used for personal use only and must not be shared on any social networking sites]