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Settling In

After completing an Enrolment Form confirming your child's start date, we would love you to come in for your child’s Settling in Sessions.

These sessions are a special time where we can get to know you and your child and their individual routines and preferences, which will facilitate a smooth transition to nursery. It is an opportunity for your child and their Key Person to create a strong relationship which will support them as they separate from their parents/carers which for many, will be for the first time.

We understand the pressures of returning to work, changing jobs, moving home, or for some, the emotional anxiety of your children starting or changing nurseries, so instead of contacting you, we invite you to contact us at a time that feels right, to arrange your visits.

We recommend you contact us around a month before your child’s start date, to arrange your settling in sessions for the 2 weeks prior to their start. We offer up to 5 hours of free visits, the first of which we will ask you to stay with your child so we can get to know you both and talk through any queries. You will then be given an ‘All About Me’, ‘Consent Form’ and ‘Care Plan’ or ‘Special Dietary Requirement Form’ (if applicable) to take away, complete and return on the following visit.

The remaining settling in sessions can be tailored to suit you and your child. You know your child best and so we are happy to follow your lead; if you wish to stay for a short while, leave for an hour or so, or let them stay and play for a longer period, we will support you in your decision.

For those that may rather be guided, we would suggest:
Visit 1: 9.30am – 10am ~ 30mins Key Person and Parent/Carer initial chat
Visit 2: 9.30am – 11am ~ 1 ½ hours Child visit with Key Person to include Snack
Visit 3: 9.30am – 12.30pm ~ 3 hours Child visit with Key Person to include Snack and Lunch (unless pre-weaning)

If you feel your child will need more frequent, shorter visits, or if you would like to arrange additional invoiced visits, please do not hesitate to ask and we will happily accommodate.

We hope we can support both you and your child in this milestone, so if there is anything else we can do to ease this time, we welcome any feedback.

Your Child's Belongings

Each child will be given their own peg which will be prepared in readiness for their belongings on the first day. 

Things to Pack:

*Completed 'All About Me' / 'Consent' Forms
*Box of Cereal - if your child will be enjoying their breakfast with their friends at nursery
* Comforters for sleep time
* Nappies + creams (Pampers Sensitive wipes and Sudocrem are provided)
* Bottles and clearly labelled and dated formula/breast milk pouches (if applicable)
* Lots of spare pants, trousers and socks if Toilet Training
* Slippers for home-from-home comfort in our Nursery rooms
* Outdoor shoes for fun in the garden
* Wellies! - Come rain, or shine, water play is fun whatever the weather!
* If the sun is out...labelled sun cream and a sun hat
* If it is chilly...warm hat, scarf and gloves 
* Wet weather clothes for outside play and trips to the woods.

...and most importantly...
* Lots of spare nursery clothes!
We love to get messy and quite often very wet in our water play! Sometimes our aprons slip, or even get forgotten about if we become so engrossed in creative exploration, so our play clothes often need to be changed!

NB: Please can you ensure all items of clothing/footwear are clearly labelled with your child's name.