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Pre-School Unit!

Located on the first floor, next to the Rainbow Room is the Sunshine Room (3-4 years) where you will find all our pre-schoolers engaged, interacting and having lots of fun together. 

We have spent lots of time and take great pride in the hard work we have put in to create an inviting environment which is filled with open ended, natural resources.

The children love building with the wooden planks and tyres in the construction area, dressing up in our home corner and expressing themselves as budding artists in our self serve creative area.

There is never a dull moment to be had but when it's time to relax, the cosy den is always appealing to anyone ready to chill out with a book. 

The Sunshine Room
Ratio 1:8

We love following the children's interests and introducing the natural world. The children enjoy exploring our Provocations, Invitations to Play and Story Shelves, learning new information and sharing this with their friends. 

Language and numbers enrich our environment sparking endless learning opportunities for the pre-schoolers. We support and encourage each child's independence, working in partnership with parents to prepare your child for school, gaining independence in self-care (our child friendly bathroom is easily accessible just off the main play room), social skills and routines, ready for their onward journey and next chapter of their life!